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 Long arm

Rebuild Vintage DeWalt Radial Arm Saws

Largest Collection Of Dewalts Under One Roof

Restored 7 HP Chain drive GE motor

About Us

I am amazed at how well these machines were made! They need to be re-introduced

I bought a small Dewalt over 40 years ago. Used it for years not knowing they made so many other models. About 6 years ago, I discovered all the models and I could not stop buying them. Everyone is amazing. I've been rebuilding them and servicing around the country. I still keep buying them. I want to spread the word about these amazing machines.

Our Services

Our Services

Rebuild Motors Order Parts

Get back to work with our comprehensive selection of Dewalt power tool parts. From motors to accessories, we've got you covered. Experience the quality that lasts a lifetime.

Our Services

Rebuilding The Building After Sales

Our commitment goes beyond the sale. With expertise in Dewalt tools, we offer to rebuild services to ensure your equipment operates at its best, keeping your projects .

Our Products

Leo Flannery - 3551 close arbor no guard

3551 close arbor no guard

 3551 front guard

3551 front close guard

3551 close hand

3551 close handle end

 3551 front close motor

3551 front close motor

Leo Flannery

3551 close nose

Leo Flannery - 3551 front

3551 front

Leo Flannery - 355 ways.

3551 close ways

 3551 left close elevation end.

3551 left close elevation end

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371 Jessup Rd West Deptford, NJ, 08086
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