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Rebuilt motor for the Chain Drive GE

About Us

I am amazed at how well these machines were made! They need to be brought back to life!

I bought a small DeWalt over 40 years ago. Used it for years not knowing that DeWalt made so many other models. About 8 years ago, I discovered the giant variety of Models they made and I could not stop buying them. Everyone of them is amazing and are very well built American made machines. I've been rebuilding them and servicing them all around the country. I still keep buying them. I want to spread the word about these amazing machines. 

Our Services

Rebuild your motor or get a rebuilt one .

Get back to work with my comprehensive selection of Dewalt Radial Arm saws. From motor repair, parts and accessories, I've got you covered. Experience the quality that lasts a lifetime.

Complete Saws or just parts

With my expertise in DeWalt Radial Arm saws, I offer motor rebuilding services. With the crazy cost of rewinding, it's worth just getting one of my rebuilt motors instead to ensure your equipment operates at its best and keeping your projects going. 

Our Products

Leo Flannery - 3551 close arbor no guard

3551 close up of arbor 

Leo Flannery - Chain drive close up left

Chain drive GE detailed guard

Super Duty 3551 handles

3551 Font Arm Locking handle

Chain drive

Chain drive

3551  nose.

3551 nose switch

Chain drive

Chain drive ready 

 3551 ways.

3551 8 carriage bearings

Long Arm GE

48" Long Arm GE 

Featured on Mr. Sawdust

Our Videos

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